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Credit Building

Your Credit History is Too Short

Start small with secured cards, store credit cards, low limit cards, new credit auto lenders.

Secured Cards

A secured credit card uses collateral, typically $250 to $500 deposited by the consumer into a bank account. The consumer then uses the card for small purchases for the purpose of re-establishing their credit standing, by making timely payments and paying the entire balance off every month. Typically, after a period of 9 months, your ranking will increase. Avoid secured cards with large upfront fees. Competitive cards can be found at

A Little Help From a Friend

Get added to a trusted relative or friend’s high-balance, no late pay, long history (at least 4 years) credit card account as a joint or authorized user. Their good credit standing instantly becomes yours without you ever having to use the card. However, if they slip up, their negative record becomes yours too.

Have a trusted good credit relative or friend co-sign a loan for you.

Teaser Rates

Many credit card companies jockey for your business by offering low teaser rates for 6 to 9 months, but these rates will disappear if you pay late just once. Be sure to inspect the terms of the agreement when signing up with a new card offer. Late fees can be substantial, as much as $35. Look for banks that are based in states with low usury limits, such as Arkansas.

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