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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Can you really get me approved? I have bad credit and I’ve been turned down before.

    Bad credit happens to good people. understands this and specializes in getting good people like you approved so you can get driving and get on with your life.

    Are there any application fees?

    No! is completely free!

    What if I’ve declared bankruptcy in the past? specializes in getting people who have declared bankruptcy approved and driving quicker than you can say “You guys must be magicians!”. If you have a discharged Chapter 7 or an active Chapter 13, we will make your financing worries disappear.

    What if I have a repossession on my record?

    Be amazed at’s ability to make concerns about past history like repos disappear before your eyes. We specialize in helping good people like you get their good credit back.

    What if I can’t come up with a down payment?

    Your representative will inform you about our available no money down programs, however, sometimes when a deposit is necessary, we can magically allow you to defer all or part of it.

    What if I'm a first-time buyer? has a program specifically tailored to first-time buyers, with or without cash down payment.

    What if I just started a new job?

    Not a problem. isn’t worried about how long you’ve had your job. It’s your current ability to repay a loan that is important to us.

    What if I'm on Social Security or disabled?

    Social Security is a fixed, steady and reliable income. will work with you, based on what you can afford, to get you driving the right car for you. Your disabled status does not affect your credit score, your ability to repay a loan does. Your representative is versed in all areas of solving unique credit situations.

    Will I have to get a co-signer on my loan?

    Each credit case is unique and your representative will discuss some helpful options that are available to you. A co-signer with good credit can be a valuable asset in obtaining credit if your credit score has suffered in the past.

    Is there a minimum income I have to make in order to get a loan?

    Each credit situation is unique and will work within your budget to meet your credit needs, however, the usual minimum income required is about $1,500 per month.

    What if I have a trade-in?

    Trade-ins are always welcome, no matter what condition they are in. Whether you still owe money on it or not, can use it to your advantage.

    What if I have negative equity in my trade?

    Let perform our magic on your upside down loan.

    I’m self-employed. Does that count against me?

    Being self-employed is usually not a problem.

    How long do I have to wait to find out of I’m approved?

    An will contact you within minutes during normal business hours and can have you approved the same day!

    What kind of finance rate can I expect on my loan?

    There is not a fixed interest rate that can promise you. Several factors will affect what your final interest rate will be, including, the severity of your past credit problems, the amount of your down payment, the amount of your loan, etc. Your representative will explain these factors to you and then perform their credit magic to get you driving your new or used vehicle right away!

    How much will my monthly payments be?

    Each credit situation is unique. Your interest rate and the amount of your loan is affected by multiple factors including severity of your past credit problems, the amount of your down payment, etc. You can get a rough idea of what your monthly payment will be by entering in estimates into’s Payment Calculator.

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